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We deliver End-to-End Technology Solutions that are an extension of your business

TL;DR - Technology is our passion. We are driven by performance and we gravitate towards building and scaling world-class products & beating deadlines

Forged from a passion for design & technology, Catalyst Media is a dynamic and experienced technology company with strong expertise in delivering web, mobile, data, and internet technology driven products. Our team, who are at the heart of our company, comprises of a group of driven and passionate individuals who are website and mobile application design and development experts, AR developers, database architects, machine learning specialists, and open-source enthusiasts. Together, we deliver top-quality results regardless of the scale of a project by leveraging our expertise in building world-class technology products for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Startups, MSMEs, and Corporates.

Our deep understanding, experience, and expertise in responsive website design, website designing and development, Ecommerce, mobile apps, and custom as well as open source CMS solutions allow us to build industry-leading web, mobile, and backend solutions.

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Our Services & Expertise

World-class, Performance-driven, scalable, and result-oriented web, mobile, data, ML, and analytic solutions

The key reason why our clients seldom refer to us as vendors is that we don’t work like vendors – we work with our clients, as partners to deliver technology solutions that integrate and extend their businesses. We leverage our extensive design, technology & development expertise to solutions that solve problems and grow ideas. We service the full lifecycle of a product, right from strategy & technology choices to development, deployment, and post ‘go-live’ management. Our aim has always been to allow clients to focus on their business while we cover their technology needs.

User Interface & User Experience Design

User-centric design and effective UX patterns are core to our services, which we bring  to the table through years of experience designing products across multiple industries. We appreciate and understand the importance of a strong UI & UX strategy and more importantly, the positive impact it brings to a product. Keeping abreast of the latest design trends and user experience patterns, we handcraft rich, relevant, and engaging user journeys.

Turning Ideas into Technology Products

While we service the full lifecycle of a product's development, our specialized services allow us to build Intellectual Properties for our clients. We work closely with our entrepreneurs and startup founders to give shape to their ideas and strategize sustainable technology products in the web, mobile and data space.

Engaging Websites & Web Applications

From responsive websites to JavaScript based web applications, we deliver web solutions using the highest standards and code quality practices. Leveraging proven frameworks and libraries, we deliver web solutions that are scalable, secure, and performant using Python, Django, React, and REST & GraphQL APIs. Integrated with a ground-up Content Management System, we build scalable functionalities using a modular approach to enable our websites to by dynamically powered and at the same time, be built for future scale

Native & Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Our extensive mobile application development experience allows us to excel at building both Native Mobile Apps using Swift & Kotlin as well as Cross-Platform mobile apps using React Native. We have built this expertise through an innate understanding of the iOS and Android platforms and it is this deep understanding that has allowed us to deliver apps that have millions of downloads and have gone on to win accolades such as the App of the Day award on iTunes and the Google Play User's Choice and Editor's Choice awards.

Ecommerce Platforms & Applications

Having successfully delivered a range of ground-up solutions as well as off-the-rack products in the ecommerce development space, we understand the nuances and considerations involved in building stores for both physical as well as digital products. Be it local & international payments, multiple payment gateways with a multitude of payment methods or one-time as well as subscription-based payments, our experience in integrating and interfacing with payment partners has given us a deep understanding of the space. Beyond traditional ecommerce, we also have an extensive amount of experience with Apple & Google Based In-App Purchases which makes us the ideal partner for both ecommerce websites as well as ecommerce based mobile app development

Video on Demand (VOD), Streaming & E-Learning Solutions

Video on Demand & Live Streaming platforms require a strong experience in the space, especially when it comes to delivering a top-notch user expereince. Having delivered VOD & SVOD solutions across multiple platforms including the web, native mobile apps, and Android TV-based streaming solutions, our team is adept at delivering video solutions that ensure smooth playback, offline downloads, DRM encryption and live streaming. From Fitness Platforms to Elearning, from mental wellness to audio-only streaming solutions, we have built and delivered video products that deliver billions of streams.

Machine Learning, AI & Computer Vision Solutions

Our Machine Learning services allow our client products and businesses to enrich the quality of their data, arrive at trends and patterns, predict confidently, and improve user experience and decision making through data-driven decisions. Using a range of algorithms, we work with our clients to help their data work for them. Furthermore, our Computer Vision services allow us to provide value to our clients in the field of virtual reconstructions, image enhancement, object detection, and digital imagery.

Data Analytics & Reporting Solutions

We build powerful dashboards, business reporting solutions and analytical interfaces that sit on top of our client's data, making large volumes of metrics and KPIs a pleasure to consume. Using popular solutions like Superset and Tableau, we work with our clients to help them make sense of their data right from analyst to top management

WordPress, WiX & WebFlow Development

Over 30% of all websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. What started as a popular blogging platform, now powers full-featured websites and a staggering 76% of the world’s CMS market. Our open-source WordPress solutions let you get off the ground at lightning speed with a world-class WordPress website

High Avalability Solutions

Beyond building world-class websites and applications for our clients, we ensure that our solutions are built for scale so as to ensure that the lights are kept on when users pour in. Having built and deployed a range of redundant, high availability applications, we know what goes into high availability solutions, right from code to architecture. Our solutions allow clients to start out as big or as small as they want while still knowing that their products will scale seamlessly as their user base and adoption grows

Strategy, Retainers & Technology Consulting

Working with our clients as technology partners, we go beyond execution to not only help our clients to launch their projects but also with maintaining their products. We do this through AMC & retainers that ensure smooth running solutions. We further work closely with our clients on scaling their applications and advice them closely on technology strategy based on our years of technological experience.

Our Advantage

Design & Technology are in our DNA

We're more than your typical web designer or app developer. We're a technology company with a deep understanding of all that goes into building, delivering and scaling web & mobile products. Our expertise allows us to service the full lifecycle of a project.

Solutions & Strategy

We work closely with our clients to find the right solution and technology strategy

UI & UX Design

We hand-craft Website & App User Interfaces for efficacy and enforcement of the business goal

Coding & Development

We code interfaces from the ground up keeping a strong UX at the heart of the product


We integrate secured REST & GraphQL APIs as well as interaction code using optimized business logic layers

Product & Unit Testing

We unit test each module as well as test the overall product for UI, Functional, Compatibility & other defects

Maintenance, Upgrades & Scaling

We work closely with our Clients to deploy, maintain and scale their application as it grows

Our Clients

We work as Technology Partners for Entrepreneurs, Brands, SMEs, Startups & MNCs

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with some dynamic Entrepreneurs, exciting Startups and established MNCs. Here is a select list of some of our Clients

From our Blog

We're always busy kicking-ass for our clients but every now and then, we blog. Here are a few updates from our lab