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We are a team that is driven by a passion for building industry leading technology products and we know what we’re doing

Some people won’t shut up about tech. Thats us, all day, everyday... but man do we know how to have fun!

Meet the Team

Our Team

A few things that you will never find a shortage of... drive, enthusiasm, love for all things tech and awesome coffee. Meet the team that makes Catalyst Media what it is. While 70% of our team continues to work from home, we are a young and growing technology company that believes in only two key metrics - Performance and Character

Burges D
Zahir W
Zarir B

Originally founded over 15 years ago as Brand Catalyst Media in 2007 and reborn as Catalyst Media Integrated LLP in 2019, Catalyst Media is led by Burges Y. Dandiwala, Zahir Wallani, and Zarir Bhesania, each focused on specific core areas of the business. Burges heads Client Acquisition and Business, Zahir heads Development & Operations and Zarir heads Mobile Initiatives

A Team of Champions

Passion, Enthusiasm, Ethics, and Ownership - these are the founding principles of our team at Catalyst Media. But above all, it is a sheer love for designing and building technology products. If what you just read gets you excited, come join us and we build some great tech together