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Custom built Multi-Curency, Multi-Country Ecommerce Platform
B77Life.com is a unique online clothing brand that specialises in an entire range of clothing for women and men that are lovingly made with 100% organic materials only. The platform is available to users across India, Singapore, and UAE with other countries launching soon.

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B77Life.com features a unique 'Collection' offering that holds a series of curated products in addition to the expect ecommerce experiences. The website, available accross desktops and smartphones features a range a powerful filters that make finding the perfect product easy.

Still not sure? Use the unique product finder that helps you discover products by Style, Occassion, Color Ranges and Price.

Amongst a first of its kind, B77Life.com bridges the gap between 'browse' and 'purchase' with its unique 3D Trial Room. The feature allows users to enter their measurements and virtually try out products through a unique 'comfort view' that allows users to understand how comfortable a product is across different parts of their body