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Heena Kochhar is a dynamic Indian Fashion designer whose work is the epitome of Indian ethnic fashion. Her stylish, evergreen and intricate designs have earned her a range of clients world over including celebrities who endorse the authenticity of her brand. We had the pleasure of working closely with Heena Kochhar while building her new website and we had the opportunity to have an informal conversation to learn more about her brand. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation…   What was your inspiration behind the brand? I have been in the fashion industry since 2001, freelancing and making design collections for other brands. Over the years, I felt my design work was not presented to the market in the right way, the styling, the target audience, the photoshoots, it missed my personal touch. The way I imagined my designs was very different, so Label Heena Kochhar was launched in 2018. Now that I have my own Label now, I am involved at every stage of design work, right from sample developments to conceptualization of shoots, just so that I am able to present my ideas out there well and do justice to the whole design process.   What made you feel that having your own website would be a pivotal part of your business strategy? The market is changing, the way a consumer buys is changing. People have so many options available for them, they want to think and buy, they want to shop at comfortable hours, that could be a 2 am shopper! A Website was becoming a must. I was missing on to international clients, clients across different states within India. I was missing the visibility a digital platform provides, and thankfully I was introduced to Catalyst Media at the right time. The website was developed and launched during the COVID times and at the rightest time possible for my brand.

How important was it for you to have e-commerce integration on your website? It is a necessity, as simple as that. The consumer is cautious, a little scared to step out and rightly so. Sooner or later every retailer will need a digital store to sell. We have been able to generate revenue during the lockdown months largely because the website was ready and available to our audiences globally.  
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a website with e-commerce integration. given the COVID-19 pandemic, 80% of consumers are still not willing to step out, but they want to buy. There is no other way to carry out business without an e-commerce website.
  Before you decided to proceed with WooCommerce, did you have any experience with platforms such as Shopify? Was there a reason you chose WooCommerce? I did not have a digital company to make my website until about a year ago. I did attempt doing it on my own on Shopify, but it took up much time and effort that I could not give since I also had my retail stores to look out for. Before WooCommerce I did hire a Company to build it, over a year, but very little was achieved. The sire that is live using WooCommerce as recommended to us by our development Partner – Catalyst Media.   Now that your website is live, do you have any plans to scale your e-commerce store? Yes, I am hoping to expand the Label’s footprint globally over time. There are plans in place, hopefully, it goes well.   What would be your advice to entrepreneurs and Small businesses looking to create their own e-commerce stores? Start small, and slowly build up, that’s what Catalyst Media also advised when I approached him for my e-commerce site. But it is a must to have a digital platform to sell, especially in the current scenario.   Why did you choose Catalyst Media as your partner in this endeavor & how has your experience? I had a tough experience with my previous Website developers, and I had almost scrapped the website idea. Thankfully I was introduced to Catalyst Media at the right time. They took over the project like it was their own. They were available at every stage, the team was very easy to communicate with, they had exciting new ideas to inculcate on the website, and above all, they were very punctual with deadlines. It was very assuring and easy to work with the whole team. The result is stunning. My feedback for the team @ Catalyst Media – Keep up the good work and let us all grow together!

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