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Digital experience in today’s world is of utmost importance. Better the experience, the higher the value generated for both the customer and the business. But how do you decide who builds that digital experience? Will you build it in-house or outsource your app an website development needs? Mobile application development or website development can be complex tasks and can have multiple challenges at various stages of development. The development team thus needs to be confident, prepared and experienced enough to take these challenges head-on. Above all, there’s a need to create a unique experience with values and purpose. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to technology. Therefore, software applications require a level of customisation that adds value besides addressing the services of your business.

In-House App And Website Development Vs Outsourcing?

One word answer: Value! There are two ways to carry out the development process. Either you do it in-house or outsource it; both have their unique merits and demerits. However, the only way to distinguish between the two should be your business focus and the value you want to deliver to your customers. As Guy Kawasaki once said, “Organisations are successful because of good implementation, not good business plans“. For a business to accomplish both long and short term goals, there is a need for a well-researched strategy in place. In addition to this, what’s important is how this strategy is implemented. The way a strategy is implemented can make or break the business. Therefore, a business plan requires deep expertise on the subject for the right tech development. Similarly, implementation also requires a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry and trends to make the right decisions.  In-House development accompanies a whole range of benefits, with its tight-knit, passionate and determined teams with streamlined communication channels. This integration allows for better decision-making. However, with this comes a series of challenges like higher costs associated with the hiring and training of individuals. Moreover, these dedicated teams require proper training as they lack experience.  On the other hand, outsourcing allows for a greater level of value generation. The experienced and dedicated software development teams have expertise with the technologies and the required skills. Most importantly, the alternative is cheaper! Additionally, it allows for technological complexity and sophistication, making the whole experience more straightforward and elegant.  The below-listed points will help your business determine the correct project development procedure:

1. Determine If Your Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing App & Website Development 

According to a recent CIO survey carried out by Harvey Nash and KPMG, 46% of CIOs prefer outsourcing for better skills and lower development costs. Moreover, outsourcing mobile application and website development allows for better implementation. Furthermore, the software is an integral part of how your business is perceived and valued. In addition to this, it is also the first and primary layer of interaction between your customer and the business.  Outsourcing allows for a level of personalisation built on a solid foundation of a long-term relationship. Therefore, it involves catering for your business’s long-term customisation and enhancement needs. Outsourcing also allows your business software to be on top of the game as experienced teams keep track of the latest trends and standards.
  • In a study conducted by Positive Technologies, one out of three web applications have an inferior security level.
  • According to a study conducted by Security Boulevard, most mobile applications are at risk of being exploited.
The Lack of proper maintenance and updates can lead to data leaks, poor performance, privacy issues. Therefore, causing an overall lack of optimisation and security. Additionally, these issues are of high importance, and manoeuvring these issues is key to the success of your business. Contractually outsourcing these tasks as a part of ongoing engagements will benefit both the stability and security of an application.

2. Consider Different Funding Cycles And Processes

To see the light of day, every project within a company must be approved by numerous departments. This ranges from Finance to Operations to Marketing. In addition, each department looks into the project’s feasibility from its own set of metrics and perspectives, causing dire confusion. Therefore, project members and managers are well aware of the difficulties involved in getting projects approved.  In-House projects, compared to when outsourced, are approved quickly because of clear communication channels and transparency. However, in-house projects take time and can cost a fortune for the company due to extra overhead costs associated with the project. Additionally, dedicated in-house teams have to focus on dealing with multiple company projects at any given time. Therefore, there is a high chance that the teams will face frequent interference and change priorities accordingly.  In comparison, different departments of the business are involved in approving and funding the outsourced project. As a result, approvals take a while to come through but certainly cost less. All approval processes are tied to contracts. So, once the project starts rolling, it is more likely to stick to timely launches and completion. Also, due to contractual obligations between both parties, there’s a complete focus on the desired project that reduces deviations. In addition to this, the project passes through different stages of development. This takes place within the business and the outsourced company. Therefore, making the website and mobile application is more efficient and desirable. 

3. Consider Speed And Quality Of Resourcing 

Apps and websites are the digital personas of your business. Furthermore, they act as the central channel of communication and interaction between your service and the customer. The development quality, usability, features, and optimisation of this persona is the need of the hour.  Outsourcing allows for a faster time to market your business’s software applications as the required resources are already in place. Highly experienced mobile and website developers indulge in a long term relationship with your business. In other words, they are catering to all your technology needs. In comparison, in-house development often involves the hiring of app and website developers, forming new teams that are time-consuming and lack the level of excellence. This lack of experience is required in incorporating the right and necessary technologies.

4. In-House Teams Guarantee Availability But At A Cost For Apps & Website Development 

In the current fast-paced business environment, companies need to make rapid decisions. Moreover, they need to remain flexible and keep costs at the lower end. In-house development offers greater availability, however, your overall costs will dramatically increase with extra HR costs, rent, training and other overheads.  If not taken care of, these issues can severely impact the functioning of your business. In-house development teams are hard to maintain and can bring down the value and overall goal of the software application. In the business world, value is always higher than cost. Therefore, it is essential to generate more value with the least possible cost. On the other hand, app and website developers provide value to outsourced digital projects.  A study conducted by Deloitte highlights the reason for business’s outsourcing activities,
  • 59% of the companies outsource to save costs
  • 57% outsource to focus on their core business
  • 47% outsource to solve capacity issues

5. Consider The Communication Barriers And Mitigate Them

Outsourcing to app and website developers can have its cons too. The lack of proper communication channels and mutual understanding between the teams can lead to conflicts and creative differences. These issues can affect the development process and the overall result. But luckily, these issues can be easily prevented and resolved using the following techniques.
  • To achieve the desired result, a proper understanding between both parties over the development is necessary.
  • Having an appropriate point of contact and other communication channels would guide both parties towards the desired result.
  • The outsourced partner should have the desired skills, resources and compatible company culture.
  • Above all, the employment of the right project management tools can greatly aid clear communication.
The importance of mobile application and website developer services is increasing day by day. So, keeping these channels effective is of utmost importance. With proper management, coordination and continuity, outsourcing can significantly benefit your business and its software needs.

6. Evaluate Your Options For Outsourced Partners Before Deciding

Mobile and website applications of your business should greatly reflect your businesses values, vision, and mission. Each step of the development and maintenance process needs proper care. Moreover, this supervision requires a team of experienced professionals possessing the necessary expertise. Your outsourcing partner should share the same level of commitment and vision for the application. There needs to be a sense of purpose that motivates both teams to coordinate and communicate to make the vision a reality. Selecting the right outsourcing partner is crucial. Consider the following points before choosing the right partner:
  • The partner’s vision, mission and aim.
  • The level of expertise of the partner in the said field of work.
  • Check if both the companies cultures and values are compatible with one another.
  • And most importantly, if the partner shares the same vision for the project.

Why Choose Us?

While in-house teams certainly have their benefits, we at Catalyst Media have and continue to serve as technology partners for MNCs, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who trust us to build, scale and maintain their websites and mobile apps.  The implementation of your business’s vision is of great value, and we here at Catalyst Media work to empower those visions by catering to your unique needs and requirements.  We hope you enjoyed the insights!  Did this post successfully explain the different aspects of outsourcing and in-House mobile app and website development? If you feel we missed anything, let us know in the comments. Get in touch with us for any mobile app and website development needs!

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