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Xume is a one-of-a-kind health platform that provides you with granular insights on your favorite foods. The mobile application allows you to scan nearly any packaged food item and gives you the honest truth about the ingredients as well as whether it is good for your own health conditions using Xume's own proprietary alogrithms. Not only that, Xume lets you discover healthier alternatives absed on your own goals and preferences.

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Built on top of proprietary algorithms, each product found on the Xume mobile application is tagged accurately with it's ingredients and measurements. Further, each product has it's own 'Base' score - a measure of how healthy the product is in general and a 'Xume' score - a personalized score which rates how healthy the product is for you based on your health goals and conditions.

Xume is authentic, Xume is fresh, Xume ensures you know what you consume and helps you discover better alternatives.

But it doesn't end just there. Xume has curated and built a list of fitness programs that help you truly unlock your fitness potential and take your well-being to the next level. The Xume mobile application gives you all of this and more through easy to manage subscriptions.