Atlentis LiDar & HDR App

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LiDar enabled, Next Generation HDR Photography Mobile Application
Atlentis, a mobile applicaiton offering by (MnR Services Sàrl) aims to allow to extend its floor plan and design related services to it's clients on the go. The Atlentis mobile application addresses a major pain point for customers - fast and accurate floor plans. The mobile app leverages LiDar technology to scan spaces, large and small, accurately within minutes - a process which was otherwise time consuming and labour intensive

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Create stunning project portfolios with the next-generation HDR feature. The exciting news is that Atlentis brings high-quality HDR photography to low-end devices which are otherwise not capable of HDR by employing advanced Machine Learning and Computer Vision pipelines

Altentis further extends it's offerings through real-time sky replacements with tone and tint resampling using Machine Learning pipelines