Django (Python) Developer Job Opening in Mumbai

About this Job

Python Django developer job in Mumbai : We are looking for Python developers specializing in Django (Version 2+) Framework based web application and backend development in our Mumbai location. Candidates must have experience building applications with REST API development, algorithms, complex problem solving and large volumes of data.

The ideal candidate for this job would be someone looking to apply their skills to build scalable applications running REST APIs, pattern recognition algorithms and high performance databases while delivering solutions using the Django framework.

Required Experience:

1 year & Above experience building scalable Web Applications using Python with the Django Framework and PostgreSQL or MySQL

Key Skills Required for this Job

  • Proficiency in Python 3.x development
  • Working Project experience Django 2+
  • Preferablly having an idea of the Django 3 release
  • Hands on experience with RDBMS such as Postgres or MySQL
  • Strong understanding of ORM
  • Solid understanding of Python concepts – templating, routing, request lifecycles
  • Experience using, customising and scaling Django Admin
  • Experience building REST APIs using Django REST Framework
  • Experience with Queues and task processing using Celery
  • Experience with some form of Machine Learning (ML)
  • Understanding of frontend frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Experience with OAuth 2.0 (Auth flows, Refresh flows) or other token based authentication
  • Experience with Caching within Django
  • Understanding development workflows including committing to Git repositories
  • Experience in deploying Django applications to AWS,Digital Ocean or Heroku

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Understanding the scope of work for project
  • Understanding and adopting the current internal development work flow and processes
  • Understanding client requirements as communicated by the project manager
  • Arriving on timelines for projects, either independently or as a part of a team
  • Executing projects either independently or as a part of a team
  • Developing projects using Django framework
  • Creating backend modules in Python by building or reutilizing existing modules in a manner so as to provide optimal deliveries on time
  • Writing Scalable, maintainable code
  • Building secured REST APIs
  • Integrating website frontends using Django templates or through data binding on projects using frontend frameeworks such as a Vuejs or React
  • Setting up batch task processing environments using Celery
  • Unit testing prepared modules
  • Bug fixing issues as reported by the QA team
  • Optimization and performance tuning of code
  • Deploying to Staging and Production Servers

Job Type

Full-time, exclusive

Job Location

Fort, Mumbai (Central Line)

Job Category: Web Developers
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Fort - Mumbai

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